The following are independent, peer and group tasks that you will complete to become full fledged Independent Citizens of our classroom!


noun \ˈsi-tə-zən also -sən\

: a person who legally belongs to a country and has the rights and protection of that country

: a person who lives in a particular place

Task One

Fill in this form and submit

Task Two

Go to the Wonder Wall, use one of the Post its and add your 'Wonder' statement to it.

When we have our free discussion/exploration times, these are the thing we will talk

about and investigate.


Task Three

Go visit the two new centres Science, Writing. Have a look at the instructions.

The instructions will lead you to a Google Doc or a Presentation that you have to

complete before the end of the term.

Task Four

Set up your Management Chart. Go to Google Drive and in the Other folder you

will see your Management Chart. It is your responsibility to keep this up to date